Exhibitor Opportunities

Exhibitor Opportunities

Festival of Trees returns to Cane Island for our second annual holiday celebration.  We are building towards the largest holiday-themed event in the Katy, Fulshear, and Richmond / Rosenberg areas.  Limited spots are available in our Holiday market, so reserve your spot now.  This year, our Holiday Market will be entirely in the parking lot of the Cane Island Amenity Village.  Access to electricity is extremely limited, so if power is needed – please do not depend on having access to outlets and bring a generator.

How to Participate

In order to make Exhibitor registrations and payments as simple as possible, we are now requiring that all registrations be completed on our website.  This allows us to track easily those Exhibitors participating in the show and helps us to maintain variety and consistency at our show.  We reserve the right remove any Exhibitor or any inventory that does not comply with our restrictions.  Be absolutely sure to review the Terms and Conditions listed below prior to registering for the show.  Event is rain or shine and no refunds will be given.  No deadline for receipt of application – space is advertised until sold out. 

All booths are 10’ x 10’ and are $100 for the entire show.

Booth Request & Product Sales Application

This form must be completed and submitted with your logo in order to participate in this show. This form is for our benefit as well as our exhibitors, and helps us to maintain variety and consistency at our shows. We reserve the right to remove any exhibitor or any inventory that has does not comply with our restrictions.

Be sure to review the Terms and Conditions listed above prior to reserving your space. Event is rain or shine and no refunds will be given. No deadline for receipt of application. Space is advertised until sold out.


*Special note – once you complete the form and click Register, you’ll be brought back to this page to pay your registration fee.  Please do not leave before getting a confirmation of your payment – you will NOT be able to return to pay later.

Enter your full name.

Enter your company name.

Enter your mobile phone number.

Enter your email address.

Enter your full billing address.

Enter the full URL of your company website.

Enter the full URL of your company Facebook page.

Pay with Credit Card

  1. The Festival of Trees, hereafter referred to as “the Show”, is being produced solely as a fundraiser through a collaboration between Avenue Property Group LLC and Christy Bohlen Sells Homes, and shall hereafter be referred to as “show producers”.
  2. ALL Exhibitors MUST have inventory to sell at the show, on a cash-and-carry basis. This is a gift market where our guests will expect to take items home with them.  You are free to ALSO take orders, but you MUST maintain enough inventory for sale for the entire duration of the show.
  3. We will not accept multiple Exhibitors from the same company in the Holiday Market. Your completed registration AND paid registration fee are the only way to guarantee your spot, so register early.  First come, first served.  You can see which companies have already secured their spots by visiting https://www.bhfot.org/sponsors/exhibitor-sponsors/.
  4. It is our intention to allow no more than 3 Exhibitors per sales category. We cannot however guarantee that cap.
  5. The space on which Exhibitor shall display and exhibit products shall be shown on the official diagram or such other space of equal size as the show producers may hereinafter designate. The show producers reserve the right to relocate any Exhibitor at any time for the benefit of the show.  Exhibitor must keep space staffed at all times.
  6. The Exhibitor agrees to pay a registration fee in the amount of $100 at the time of registration. A processing fee of 2.9% + .30 will be added to your charge at the time of checkout.
  7. The actual occupation of the space is of the essence hereof. In the event the Exhibitor shall not occupy said space, the show producers are expressly authorized to occupy or cause said space to be occupied in such a manner as it may deem best for the interest of the show without any rebate or allowance whatsoever to Exhibitor and without in any way releasing the Exhibitor from any liability hereunder, and the Exhibitor expressly agrees to pay the show producers in the full sum herein above set forth.
  8. Exhibitor shall not, without prior written consent of the show producers, assign or sublet such space or any part thereof, or move out their display before the official closing of the show.
  9. Exhibitor is responsible for their own well-being and will carry all necessary insurance for their person and chattel while setting up, tearing down, and exhibiting in the show.
  10. Upon application acceptance, no payments will be refunded for any reason.
  11. Avenue Property Group, LLC, Christy Bohlen Sells Homes, Cane Island, The Ballard House, nor Cinco Charities will be liable for refunds or any other liabilities whatsoever for the failure to fulfill this contract due to any of the following causes:
  12. By reason of enclosure in which the show or pageant is to be produced, being, before or during the show, destroyed by fire or other calamity.
  13. By any act of God, public enemy, strikes, statutes, ordinances or any legal authority, or any other cause beyond Cinco Charities, Inc. control.
  14. That no agreement, respect of the matters herein contained, shall become part hereof unless duly endorsed hereon.
  15. In any case where an automobile or moving vehicle is a part of the Exhibitor’s display, said vehicle is required to stay in place for all hours that the show is open.
  16. Final approval of this application is at the discretion of the show producers.
  17. I expressly represent that I have the authority to act as legal representative of Exhibitor and legally authorize the execution of this contract in its entirety. This contract is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  18. If Exhibitor disputes payment applied to MC, VISA, DISC, or AMEX, and the dispute / inquiry is resolved in favor of the show producers, Exhibitor will be subject to an additional administrative fee of $500.
  19. In the event that Exhibitor fails to meet its financial and contractual obligations under this contract and the show producers refer the matter to an attorney for collection, Exhibitor shall be responsible for legal fees at Fifteen Percent (15%) of the total amount due, all related court costs and all collection fees associated with all collection efforts.
  20. I understand that my voice, name and image (and those of employees of my company) may be recorded by various means. I hereby release any claim I might have in connection with the utilization of such material by show producers, Cinco Charities Inc., or The Ballard House.  I hereby authorize show producers and grant unto it or its assignees the absolute right to use said materials as it deems fit.
  21. Products marketed or sold at the event shall not include the following: guns and/or ammo, alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind, adult novelty items or those items generally associated with sexually based businesses.