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It is with great sadness that we announce that we have decided to cancel the Festival of Trees event for 2020. The continued concerns and restrictions around the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic have affected residents, businesses, restaurants, vendors and coincidentally has affected their ability to participate in and sponsor our event.

To make matters worse, because the staff and volunteers at The Ballard House have taken great precautions to protect their residents, they are unable to actively participate and host some of the events that have made our event so popular. In addition, because we rely heavily on the core volunteer army at The Ballard House, we feel it would be impossible to produce Festival of Trees in the manner that we feel it should be and that has ultimately led to our decision to shut it down for the year.

It’s not a decision that either Christy or I came by lightly. We discussed alternative formats for our event, even moving the trees to separate locations to limit crowds, but just ultimately decided that, as a family holiday event, a largely ‘online’ festival just wouldn’t be the same. We are working hard on bringing back Festival of Trees in 2021 and making it bigger and more enjoyable than ever. Please watch and follow our Facebook and Instagram social channels for updates.

Also! Watch for updates about a new Spring event that we’re working on!

Thanks, and love to you all,

Brian & Christy