Parade of Trees

Parade of Trees

The Parade of Trees is THE marquee event at Festival of Trees.  We invite families, businesses, community groups, and civic organizations to sponsor a tree or wreath then invite them to Designer Days, a one day social event where representatives from those groups can come eat, drink, and learn how the pros decorate for Christmas!  Then, the weekend before Festival of Trees, they’re invited up to decorate their trees and wreaths.

The trees and wreaths are on display throughout Festival of Trees and are for sale to the public.  It’s an incredible opportunity to get decorating ideas for your own home, or simply buy the design and have it delivered at the end of the event!  Free tickets to the Breakfast with Santa Celebration and Festival of Trees await our sponsors and it’s your opportunity to compete with your friends and family for best design!

ALL of the money raised from this event DIRECTLY benefits The Ballard House.  The trees and wreaths are fully assembled and decorated, and our friends over at Square Cow Movers have graciously offered to deliver all of your purchased trees for FREE.  So decorating for Christmas has never been easier!

Interested in sponsoring?  Check out our Designer Opportunities page.

Our 2019 Trees

2019 Family Designers

The Alt Family
Tommie Day
The Halstead Family
Marhy Raines & Shannon Evans
Katy Cowgirls
Dwayne and Dottie Trahan
The Varvel Family
Tammy Stringer & Jeannie Griffith

2019 Organizational Designers

Homewise Realty
Girl Scouts of San Jacinto - Island Creek
Wrinkle Art